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Parenting: 5 TED Talks You Should Be Watching


June 27, 2023

Parenting is difficult. Therefore, parents are always looking for resources about parenting and raising their children. TED talks are a great choice with videos that are inspiring and that often make you think. If you’re not watching TED talks, you should be. Check out these 5 videos from TED about parenting.

Jesse Ilhardt – How play helps a kid’s brain grow

Tameka Montgomery – 5 Parenting tips for raising resilient, self-reliant kids

Yuko Munakata – The science behind how parents affect child development

Anne Marie Albano – How to raise kids who can overcome anxiety

Gever Tully – 5 Dangerous things you should let your kids do

I hope you enjoyed these TED talks and found them useful. There are many more where these came from, which you will likely see in future posts. If you found these informative, helpful, or inspiring, please share this post so that others may benefit from them as well.

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