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A Letter From Mom


May 8, 2024

My Dear Child,

How are you doing? I think about you and pray for you often.

When you came into my life, the dreams I had for you were many. I cherished every second with you as a baby. I loved the sounds you made and the closeness we had.

Watching you grow was a delight. First learning to walk, and then going after your own toys was a whole new adventure. Talking was also interesting journey. And feeling pride for you when you accomplished things was breathtaking.

And yes, there were times when you were a stinker too. Just like there were times when I was a stinker. I’m sorry for being a stinker, and for yelling at you, and for losing it.

Sometimes I wonder what I could have done better as your mom, because I know there were times when I failed you. Yes, I have felt like a failure, but not because of you.

It was always my responsibility to manage myself and my emotions. I did not always do that very well. And it was never your responsibility to take care of my emotions or make excuses for me. I’m sorry I was not better at this.

My prayer is that you are a better parent than I was. I did my best, but I know I fell short.

I love you. I have always loved you, even when you thought I didn’t. I’m sorry I didn’t communicate that better.

I’m proud of you. I hope you are happy and well.

Love, Mom

Todd Call
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