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A Letter From Dad


June 14, 2024

My Dear Child,

How are you? I think about you and pray for you often.

When you were born, I was terrified of making a mistake with you, like dropping you on your head. Once I got over that, the sky was the limit in what I thought you could do. And I couldn’t get over how good you smelled as a baby, until… you know. Every second with you as a baby was unforgettable.

I loved being your dad. I may not have let it show enough, but I was bursting with pride every time you accomplished something. Watching you grow and tackle bigger and bigger things was a new high for me every time. I could have probably done more to play with you, and I’m sorry that I didn’t. I wasn’t avoiding you, there were just times I didn’t know what to do or how to handle things.

Yes, you were rambunctious at times, but I didn’t really have a problem with that. Your mother on the other hand, well… that’s a different story. And there were times when you got out of hand, and I know I didn’t always handle it the best of ways. But me too, on the getting out of hand part. I’m sorry for that, and for yelling at you, and for losing my cool at times.

Sometimes I wonder what I could have done better as your dad, because I know there were times when I failed you. Yep, superman has felt like a failure. But not because of you.

I’m sorry for getting angry with you. I’ve learned that it was always my responsibility to manage my own emotions. I’m sorry for not doing a better job with that when you were younger. It wasn’t your job to fix or make up for my bad days. I’m sorry I wasn’t better at this.

My prayer is that you become a better parent than I ever was. I did my best, but I know I fell short.

Being your dad was awesome! I love you. I have always loved you, even when you thought I didn’t. I’m sorry I didn’t say it more. And I am proud of you.

Love, Dad

Todd Call
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